Friday, June 29, 2007

Desitination English

According to an article I recently read on The Philippines Travel Blog, Koreans — as most Asians — favor the Philippines as a destination for English language instruction. The author cites our Tourism Secretary, Jospeph "Ace" Durano, telling a group of Korean academics that "the Philippines is one of the leading education destinations in Asia, particularly in learning the English language."
This confirms my anecdotal observation that English language is a big business in other areas outside of the BPO domain — I see applicants to Epixtar's education department that come from English schools all the time. These applicants (and we have a few on staff) are both fluent speakers and accomplished instructors of the language.
It's great to see this kind of information getting a little airplay instead of the constant dire predictions of dwindling English skills and a lack of available talent.

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