Thursday, April 3, 2008

Global Village Goes to the University of Makati

February 16, 2008. It was an early start for half of the Global Village team. At 9 am, Shannon Borntrager and Bong Fernandez, educators and trainers for Global Village Academy, were headed to the University of Makati to teach three junior accounting classes.

The two educators were there to give the students a preview of the Global Village workshops—the Campfire Series, Interview Preparation, and Professional Communication.

The preview classes consisted of parts of the Campfire Series, Professional Communication and the Interview Preparation. It was during those classes that we saw how Global Village’s workshops enlightened and helped these students.

Although it took the students a bit of coaxing before they spoke up it was evident that they were eager to learn and quite enthusiastic. Shannon and Bong fielded dozens of questions a
bout interview myths and tips and it was apparent that the students wanted to know more.

The highlights of the day were the screening of some very keen students, the Campfire Series video presentation, and ice-breaker activities.

The looks and smiles on the students faces showed how successful Global Village was at helping out and touching the lives of the Filipino youth.

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